Soap Opera without Cast

I was thinking that, after what seems like a lengthy period of rushing around and disturbance, some sort of order had been restored.  In the good old days, I suspect that when one went off to a conference – or whatever else bishops do – one just stopped dealing with post and E Mail hadn’t been invented.  But it isn’t as simple as that now so that one feels simultaneously on top of things and miles behind.

Meanwhile, Blogstead Episcopi at the moment is far from being the vibrant community we know and love.  Poppy is here – back from her extended stay in Belfast.  But Spice next door is away.  As are +Bruce and Elaine who are sending back dispatches from the ecclesiastical front line in Virginia.  Obviously, in deference to Bishop David Gillett, we are doing an alternative Hallowe’en.  But my focus is increasingly on the need to convene the Christmas planning meeting – tree and carols in the courtyard, illuminated Santa with sleigh, etc