Still thinking about leadership

It makes you think … in retrospect, parish ministry seemed to be about being part of a community while retaining enough distinctiveness to be able to stand apart, challenge …  Bishoping seems very different.  It’s a very peripatetic lifestyle.  And then you come home to deal with a series of problems which you wouldn’t be trying to deal with if anybody else could solve them.  Then there’s the future to think about.
I still think that there are aspects of leadership which can be learnt and practised.  I mean things like heading towards conflict rather than away from it – without necessarily being combative in manner or determined to win at all costs.  Or bringing to a situation enough clarity of mind and analysis as to enable a resolution – but not so much clarity as to necessitate uncomfortable loss of face for others.  Or knowing that, even if you don’t know which option is right, it’s better to choose something rather than nothing.  And not taking it personally when people bang and shout – while hoping that they do the same for you.  And being firmly rooted with a trust that there is a grace-ful way forward – knowing that you won’t find it if you just stand still.

But then, while those things are in some measure functional, they are rooted in values and quality of mind and heart …