Now that Frozenweb’s geeks have revived my blogging corpse, I am faced with the daily space again. As you may have noticed, I have no problem talking about nothing in particular on a daily basis – indeed, talking about myself in the presence of others is probably what most of us like doing and what the blog medium provides.
So a quick update on the major issues while I play myself back in. Popppesja is googling ‘house martin’ to find out when their migratory patterns will take them far, far, away from here. While she takes a deep interest in the local bird life, she has been reduced to hiding from them under the patio table because they swoop on her constantly …

We had an Institution last night in Cupar, Fife, when Anne arrived as the new Rector. Great hope, optimism and joy all round, after a long vacancy. If you haven’t been to Cupar, it is a beautiful small town in the middle of Fife. The drive home last night – heading west towards the red sky and the setting sun [10.15 pm] was extraordinary.

For the rest, while Adrienne is kind enough to say that she finds my blog funny – I hope it is the right bits that she finds funny – life out here at Blogstead Episcopi has a slight feel of trench warfare about it at present. But, after all, are bishops not there to resolve the unresolvable, reconcile the irreconcilable and plumb the unfathomable?

So now I have restarted, I’ll add something a bit more serious later on.