Whittling away

Readers of this blog will gradually [?] realise that, while I may say a bit about issues and problems that I face, I seldom say much about what I actually do.  But I think the second major meeting of our Diocesan Review Group which happened today is worth a mention.  Sometimes people see this kind of process as being, ‘What shall we put on this blank sheet of paper?’  I tend to see it the other way round.  No problem filling the sheet of paper with all sorts of ideas, plans, visions, strategies.  What I enjoy most is the refining and whittling away process out of which emerges gradually the architecture of the strategic plan.  Rather like seeing sculpture as the process by which the work of art is slowly revealed from the solid block of marble.  We’re some distance – and a lot of consultation – off that yet.  But it’s great to see the enthusiasm and the growing belief that it is possible to make decisions and see change happen.