Sublime and ..

Another of those days of contrast.  Sailed into Llandaff Cathedral this morning as part of a flotilla [or should it be ‘scope’] of bishops to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Provoo Agreement.  Great sermon from the Archbishop of Uppsala.  He might have been preaching about the Hard Gospel and sectarianism – that if, we love in others only that which is like us, it is as if we look in a mirror … and God is able to love in us what is unlike him’  So feet on the ground back in Edinburgh.  Hands and knees in the car park to tape up the undershield of the car again and get home without it dragging on the ground.  And then home to where the oil has run out and the foolish virgins are firmly in control.   Poppy is consulting her union representative as the ambient temperature has fallen below required levels.  But carpets go down in the new house tomorrow so there is hope …

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