Paws for Thought

A furry tap on the shoulder reminds me that Poppy, our Brown Burmese Cat, has not featured here for some time.  Her concern of the moment arises from a casual conversation which she overheard concerning our move to the new house [14 days].  In the context of peaceful, rural location, the word d*g was mentioned.  She needs to know that this agenda item has been shelved indefinitely.

On some of the more lofty areas of discussion which have featured here recently, she points out the following.  She is always ready to be worshipped – whether through Pray as you Go or otherwise.  She also experiences no difficulty with issues such as forgiveness.  Indeed, she carries no hatreds, bears no grudges, makes no judgements – except with regard to small birds outside the window.  Indeed, she suggests that it is humans, with all their false intellectual sophistication, who have the problems.