Armchair Cyclist

It is still mind-numbingly cold here – particularly out on the wide open spaces north of here where we shall be living in two months time after the second house move …

So time for a look at ‘Bike Scotland’ – 40 great routes from central Scotland – particularly as my tandem riding partner is coming over next month and expecting a bracing cycle. At least I have the book and can choose the flat ones. How about 43km on the flat round Loch [keep using the Irish ‘lough’] Rannoch or Killiecrankie and the Soldier’s Leap. Perhaps not the Grand Tour of Loch Tay at 142km and 9 hours [flat sections interspersed with some very tough climbs]

Well, maybe. At least it’s good to think about that endless daylight coming soon and the amazing scenery. It’s memorable in the car but absolutely unforgettable on a bike. Maybe I could make it part of the clergy ‘body, mind and soul’ discipline?