WAJ – or ‘What about Jesus?’

So the challenge from one of my friends is, ‘When does Jesus get a mention in this blog.

So here are the questions.

What do I not talk more about Jesus?
Would Jesus have written a blog?If Jesus had written a blog, what would he have written about? On the first, I plead guilty as charged. I think it is right to try and avoid religious jargon. But that is not the same as succumbing to the universalising tendency of writing ‘about’ many things – when I should be attempting to say that faith is not just well-intentioned benevolence but belief in the presence of Jesus, Son of God, cricified and risen.

On the second, I think the answer is No. Jesus lived a life of total obedience, perfection and humility. In that sense his life was his blog or needed no blog. He lived and others reacted. He did not write a Gospel …

On the third, I suppose the parables had bloggish tendencies because, like a blog, they were simply put ‘out there – ‘who has ears to hear, let him hear’ And the sending out of the disciples showed a driving determination to communicate widely – which is also bloggish. But much of his sharpest communication was in response to questions … not general communication at all.

I’ll try harder – although the desire to write ‘about’ Celebrity Big Brother is almost overwhelming.