A new day…a new me

The papers are full of exhortation to cast off the post-Christmas blues and emerge both slim and solvent. The fact that Gap and others are reported as adjusting their sizing so that today’s bigger people can have the ‘feel good’ pleasure of fitting into smaller sizes suggests that nothing much changes in the end.

I’m pondering it myself, of course. I am at times a role model – but no need to be a roly-poly model even tho’ it helps to look a bit patriarchal sometimes. It’s too dark most of the time for the bike. I hate the gym – mind-numbingly boring when I did it a few years ago. Maybe it will have to be the pool again.

Whatever I do in the end – and obviously I need some more time to think about it – I shall ponder how I can set about having a renewed and more beautiful soul to match the slimmer me.