About the blog #pisky

There was something about announcing my retirement which immediately removed my appetite for blogging. That was a pity because the few months which followed were very significant in many ways.

The blog has been a sort of ‘newspaper of record’ for me – so I am intending now to go back and put in the bits which are missing.

I’ll probably then think about a new format for the future.

Some of you know that I am intending to do some research on the boxes of my grandfather’s sermons which are in the RCB Church of Ireland Library in Dublin. His writing has become a significant resource for researchers who are working on the state of the Southern Irish Protestant community in the years after Irish Partition. And of course there are some connections with my own story ..

I’ve been discovering that I come from a family whose members ‘never had an unrecorded thought’ So sitting in two very large boxes behind me in my study are six decades of the diary of my uncle Arthur Bateman. They are waiting to go off to a group of historians in Cambridge led by Professor Eugenio Biagini of Sidney Sussex College. He believes that the diaries too are an important source. I’ll get to them eventually but my uncle had microscopic handwriting. It will take a while.

I did a test drilling by looking up the date of my own birth – which shows a typically complicated family row going on – in which my own birth became a proxy. I was not a bishop at that point but I started the way I meant to go on.

And then there is all my own stuff …