Choosing the Bishop

We began the process of electing a new bishop for the Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney in succession to Bishop Robert Gillies yesterday. Canon 4 offers a carefully worked-out road map of how this is to be done. So it has an ‘I’ve started so I’ll finish’ kind of clarity about it. I’m an admirer of Canon 4. It gives careful and detailed consideration to those who are nominated. It seeks information. It allows the candidates to speak for themselves. It takes time and it expects that time to be used for prayer. I’m bound to be an admirer since this was the process which brought me to Scotland.

But of course what it doesn’t do is to tell the electors how to do vocational discernment. But at the opening Eucharist. So fortunately I was on hand yesterday to conduct this discussion with myself about the nature of vocational discernment and its application to episcopal ministry. So here is the Sermon from the Eucharist

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