Visiting the Mosque #pisky #visitmymosque

Islamic Centres across Britain have been open to visitors today. So I went this afternoon  to the Central Mosque in Kirkcaldy.  This is the new Mosque which will be finished in a year or two.  For now they meet in much more modest buildings – but the place was full of visitors.  I was there with our Rector at St Peter’s in Kirkaldy, Revd Christine Fraser, and I was glad to find a good representation of her congregation there as well.  These visits are important.  It’s a time for building friendship.  The tragedy of Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland was that lack of contact allowed a space to develop – and in that space grew ignorance and then fear.

So here I am with the Chairman of the Mosque and their two youthful and energetic Imans.  They are full of suggestions for contact with the local faith communities – so I’m hopeful!

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