Nick’s Recommissioning #pisky


Sometimes the right moment just arrives.  And this evening was the moment when Revd Nick Green, Rector of St Mary’s, Dunblane, received back his Commission as a Church Army Evangelist from Mark Russell, Chief Executive.  Historically, Church Army has expected Officers who were ordained to hand back their Commissions.  That policy caused deep hurt to many – and has now been put right.  It’s a work of healing and reconciliation.

It’s a commonplace among ordained clergy – whether bishops, priests or deacons – to say ‘We are all deacons’. Whatever ministry we may be called to carry out, we do so with the heart of a deacon who is called to serve.  I think this is the same.  Wherever Nick’s ministry may lead in the future, he will carry into it the heart of an evangelist.

This is what I said

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