Launch of Mission Action Plan – All Saints St Andrews

All saints

We launched the Mission Action Plan at All Saints St Andrews today. It’s taken a while – these things do. But I think it’s been worth it.

The Mission Action Plans are all different – custom made in each congregation. All Saints is a congregation which is passionate about high-quality liturgy and which exudes prayerful holiness. It is also aware that it was established as a mission to the fishing community in St Andrews. It’s a special place. So they have chosen two Marks of Mission which complement and enhance their tradition – ‘Life Long Christian Nurture – deepening our knowledge of God’ and ‘Serving the Community in practical ways.’

The purpose of all this is simply to provide a tool which will enable the congregation to have a conversation about their future in mission. Even with the best of intentions, it isn’t always easy to engender that conversation. And here is the result!

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