As a family, we’ve always said that this is the only time when clergy can be at home and on holiday. It’s also quite easy for the bishop to slip out of sight a bit [ssh!] as clergy get busy with the nativity plays, senior citizens Christmas Dinners, Carol Services … Nobody is all that interested in meeting the bishop to talk about diocesan policy, mission strategies and the like. They are all too busy doing it.

So I have some space … which is being filled in with family things and some other bits and pieces

I’m continuing to work on my involvement in Twitter. I’m not there yet but getting better. And I’m reorganising the household computer arrangements which have gradually been becoming more chaotic and less satisfactory. Then there are the photographs marooned on various digital cameras.

Beyond that I’m reading – lots of stuff but continuing to read Trollope’s Palliser novels. I started in July and the Kindle tells me that I am now at 35% and with 53 hours to go. It’s not as funny or – I think – as acutely observed as the Barchester Chronicles. But every time I think it has become a bit boring, he writes a cliff-hanger. And all done in long hand after he came home from his work at the Post Office. Amazing.

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