A smile flickers …

Back to see the Oncologiist on Thursday – after allowing five or six weeks for my internals to recover from the radiotherapy. I don’t think that Oncologists as a breed really do effusive. And it would be scary if they did. But this one affirmed a ‘doing well’ verdict with a flicker of a smile.

It’s hard to know really. A lot of technology – considerable exercise – a flirtation with diet – and of course the prayers for which thank-you.

So the journey continues and the response to the question , ‘How are you?’ will for the foreseeable future remain, ‘Well so far’

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4 Responses to A smile flickers …

  1. Jonathan Olanczuk says:

    I pray that you keep doing well and in the end be greeted with a big smile from your oncologist.

  2. Neville Armstrong says:

    Alison and I wish to assure you that you are very much in our thoughts and prayers at this time. Hope to meet up soon.

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