Listening to the sad music of our history

I’ve been taking part in the Service at St Giles Cathedral to mark the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden – 9th September, 1513. The Service was organised by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.

The address was given by Alistair Moffat who recounted the tragic story of it all. The losses numbered 10000 dead including James IV himself and his brother, the Archbishop of St Andrews. He described going to the battlefield and feeling the atmosphere of the place – ‘tuning into the music of our sad history’

Scotland does this kind of thing well – the piper who played ‘Mist Covered Mountain’ and Isla St Clair who sang Flowers of the Forest.

For me it was a classic Scottish outing. For once, I forsook the Megabus and went by train – across the Forth Bridge and into Waverley – up the endless steps to St Giles – and then all the way back again.

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