End of term

You may have been wondering what has been happening with the prostate cancer treatment.

Well I finished my 20 radiotherapy treatments yesterday. It’s a strange experience really – invisible mending for an invisible illness. As always the staff are incredibly kind – respectful of your vulnerability. You lie stretched out and listen to the sound the machine makes as it sends the beam in – sometimes close to sleep and sometimes thinking of nothing in particular and sometimes sending in a prayer to help it on its way.

I’ve been well – well enough to keep doing about 50% of what I usually do – and cycling every day because research in Dundee says that exercise counteracts the side effects and the tiredness in particular. We are going to take two weeks in Donegal in October and have some space to recalibrate the mind and heart.

Thanks to everyone for asking and for the prayers. We move on to the next stage of the journey.

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