The Sunday Times last week published one of those pieces on secularisation which seem to me to go round in circles. Essentially the argument is as follows. Secularisation is an irresistible force. Because of secularisation, all churches are going down the tubes. Because the churches are going down the tubes, secularisation is an irresistible force.

To their credit, they gave me space for a response today And BBC Scotland are doing an interview tomorrow morning.

My version of the argument goes as follows.

I like living in a secular society. It is preferable to either a confessional or a theocratic state. It requires a respectful but non-deferential relationship between church and state.

Some churches are going down the tubes – mainly those which are based on patterns of traditional membership rather than active discipleship.

Secular society suits small churches like the SEC because there are more people for us to talk to. We are working hard at the new patterns of church life – we intend to survive and thrive in the secular society.

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