General Convention

I’m getting a slight ‘end of term’ feeling at this point. The ferry for Donegal is booked. Poppy has her bucket and spade packed. The reading list is being prepared ..

But just for now I am in Indianapolis as a guest of the Episcopal Church at their General Convention. This is the three-yearly meeting – their major legislative moment. It’s one of the biggest gatherings of its kind in the world. And they invite Primates from other provinces to come and join them

So I’m here until Sunday and I’m doing what I enjoy most – making contacts and building relationships.

I have three things in view. One is to make sure that the Scottish-American connections are in good order. And they are. Two is to build relationships among the visitors from the wider Anglican Communion. Three is to try and find my way into the smoke-filled rooms in which the Anglican Covenant is being considered – it’s important that hesitancy about the Covenant does not translate into anything like hesitancy about the Communion.

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