Early at the Party


This time it was the diocesan Clergy Retreat where I arrived before most people, stayed the first night and left again.

The venue was our College of the Holy Spirit and the Cathedral of the Isles on Great Cumbrae. You haven’t been there? Then you’ve missed something special – the closest you can get to seeing the culture and ethos of the Scottish Episcopal Church expressed in stone. It’s miniature Butterfield and a delight set in the middle of the Clyde just across from Largs

David Todd and his team have transformed it into a welcoming place set in an atmosphere of prayer and worship. I was sorry I couldn’t stay. And there was sunshine and the river and the boats.

Archbishop Rowan is visiting the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland this week so we are off to the Lord High Commissioner’s Dinner at Holyrood this evening.

That turned out to be a remarkable evening – 80 people sitting either side of the long table in the Dining Room. And the flowers …

To represent the Scottish Episcopal Church in these moments is a great privilege. Sometimes you have to do a little bit to be noticed. At other times – as on this evening – we are honoured beyond what one might expect. Alison was beside the Lord High Commissioner – a wwwk after sitting on the right of the Lord Mayor of London at dinner in Merchant Taylor’s Hall

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