The Contrasts again

Sometimes its in the contrasts. Last Sunday I was in Killin with our faithful congregation, Gina reading in the accents of heaven and the Falls of Dochart roaring away out the back. This Sunday I was in Cambridge to preach at Corpus Christi College and do some family stuff en route to meetings at the Anglican Communion Office

I could have gone to one of the local congregations to hear the Vicar setting out the new vision for the congregation. But no. So we called in to Kings College where we found them in the midst of a Howells and Stanford weekend

But the most disarming thing was to be handed the full text of the sermon on the way into church. I dont know what Frank Skinner would have thought – remember his read-across from stand-up that you should never take your eyes off the audience and must change material if you think they may be about to go to the bar.

I think you need to have a script – otherwise there is no chance of economy. But somehow you need to find a way of not reading it. I’ll upload my sermon from Corpus Christi College on Sunday night – I’m away from home and havent worked out how to get the IPad to do it. But here it is

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