Space for Grace

Strange – is there something they aren’t telling me? But I can’t remember having such a quiet diary in a long time. People loom up occasionally to visit me – and I get out a bit to take a look at the world beyond Balhousie Street. But a fair bit of time is spent working through bits of writing which I unwisely agreed to do. And Sharon and the IPhone between them have the E Mail fairly well tamed. It won’t last.

Speaking of getting out a bit, the Polo is at last beginning to produce something like the fuel consumption figures which are claimed – 61 mpg when I last filled it up. The electronics constantly demand ever higher gears – even when travelling up hills. I don’t get it but it seems to work. Tho’ the real fuel economy is achieved with my bus pass … which is taking me to Edinburgh tomorrow on the Megabus for a 50p booking fee

Did you see the piece about the risk to life and limb posed by people who are racing their GPS’s – trying to get there before the ETA provided by the system? Compliant and conformist person that I am, I’ve been doing it the other way round – exploring the possibility of adjusting the system’s predicted average speeds on different kinds of road – making allowances for the deer and so on – so that I arrive at exactly the time predicted. Which is I suppose a bit like Anglican processions which are timed to deliver everybody to their place by the last line of the last verse. I get rather the same feeling with the Kindle which seems to want me to read ever faster .. but more of that anon

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