Strange thought – but if the spaces between postings here begin to lengthen it means that I have not been busy enough.

We did a quick trip at the beginning of the week for a wedding in Armagh. Always strange – and good – nowadays to be with people many of whom we have known for more than 40 years. We seem to have reached a sort of senior status in these moments – the good thing about that is a sort of lowering of expectations. You turn up, smile and say how you remember the bride when she was a wee girl. And a good time was had by all.

This evening, we did the Edinburgh Book Festival to hear Alexander McCall Smith talking about his writing. Delightful as always – he seems to get so much innocent fun out of his characters – particularly Bertie. He is also of course the proud owner of a Brown Burmese cat indentical to Poppy. And as I listen to him, I think always of Maeve Binchey writing and talking about Dublin. Have you read her short stories?

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  1. Steven says:


    I had the good fortune to share a dram on a small beach with Sandy McCall Smith near Lochaline while eating freshly caught mackerel straight from the fire! He was a lovely man, very genuine and – most satisfyingly – was just as I imagined him! A former lecturer in law at Queen’s don’t you know!


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