Red ‘n flirty

Well this is very much not me – but people asked for a photo. I suppose it tells you things about how the world has moved on since I last changed my car – at the Millennium. Environmental issues loomed large then – but perhaps not as much as they do now. So this is a three cylinder diesel which is claimed to do 80 mpg in the wide open spaces of Perthshire – and 70 mpg overall. You can also see movements in the life cycle – gone are the days when a cavernous estate car was useful for the endless moving of students from flat to flat. Ah well.

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One Response to Red ‘n flirty

  1. Well this is very much not me –

    I dunno, Bishop David. You may want to reconsider those words. One look at the car, and I thought, “Why he’s the coolest Primate in the Anglican Communion!” And then you tell me that the car is not you. 🙁

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