Capacity – incapacity

I’m looking forward to tomorrow – first day in the office for ten days. Bits of Anglican Communion business, a meeting of the College of Bishops, interviews in the Brechin Episcopal election process and today’s Mission and Ministry Board have kept me busy. But the wonders of technology, the ever-increasing ability of Sharon to read my mind and – no doubt – the power of prayer keep the flow of e mail and other communication going. It’s just that I never get to meet anybody.

I slipped in a Thought for the Day in Dundee yesterday – I thought the incapacity theme was appropriate.

And tomorrow I’m doing the last of my Lent Roadshows. Casting the Net seems to stir among people an appetite for learning. So I’ve been going around the diocese encouraging people to talk with me about faith. I can think of no better way of spending my time.

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