O for the wings …


Random public art seems to be becoming fashionable. I had wondered abstractly in the way that one does when thinking about something else .. what the people who appeared to be on safari in the middle of the Broxden Roundabout just outside Perth were doing. Equally random reading of the local paper in the dentist’s waiting room today tells me that they are erecting an enormous grouse – presumably to rival the random female form which now marks Cumbernauld as you drive down the A9 towards Glasgow.


So what is all this about? Maybe an attempt to add character and memorability to a world which is becoming duller and less defined? In Dublin of course they have a way of dealing with these things. They name them. Hence this statue of a rather buxom Molly Malone at the bottom of Grafton Street quickly became ‘The Tart with the Cart’

A name for our [soon to be] famous grouse?

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