Step forward Poirot

We’re now reached Kirkwall in Orkney on this journey round the outside of the British Isles. As always with the passage of time, an amorphous group of passengers begins to become something more interesting – characters and distinctive personalities begin to emerge. The ship is known variously as the ‘English country house afloat’ or more prosaically as ‘The Church of England afloat’

One feels that it is only a matter of time until the passengers are gathered in the Darwin Lounge, Poirot steps forward twirling his waxed moustaches and we gradually begin to discover who the murderer is.

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5 Responses to Step forward Poirot

  1. Erp says:

    I suspect most country house or shipboard mysteries have at most one clergyman.

    And does the ship have a bulldog called Huxley to stand guard in the lounge….

  2. Tim says:

    But we all *know* it’ll be you, in the vestry, with the crozier! 😉

    (For CoE values of vestry in this case.)

  3. Jimmy says:

    Not sure why but I always expect Poirot to say “It was me.” Orkney is a lovely island, I spent a week there with my family many years ago. I wanted to go there this summer but “computer said no.”

  4. Freddie Moran says:

    Look like you are enjoying yourself, Castletownbere and West of Ireland is superb – Circumnavigation of Ireland 2009 – – Take it you are on the Minerva –
    Can you ask the captain why he is not sending out an AIS signal as all ships should be doing – then a lot easier to follow your progress !!! Enjoy.

    • david says:

      Bit technical that for me, Freddy. But it may have something to do with failure of Gyrocompass which severed all communications for about five days. Italian captain said reassuringly, ‘We navigate like Captain Cook’

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