General Synod

I’ve emerged blinking into the daylight after General Synod. Using the simplest measurement of all to decide whether it was a good Synod or not .. the number and quality of contributions from the floor … it was a good Synod.

The visit of the Presiding Bishop was an important event and there was maturity and generosity in the way we managed our diversity at that point.

You may be interested in the Primus’ Charge from the Opening Eucharist and this statement on the Anglican Covenant.

We engaged fully with the outside world, twittering, blogging, audio-streaming, updating our website, etc. Our Synod was widely reported on websites across the world. But the local media seem just to have given up altogether. The Scotsman on the opening day had a brief report on ‘Church to discuss sex and the environment’ below a much larger report on Fiona Bruce’s success as ‘Rear of the Year.’

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