All in the Net

We’ve had a great weekend – diocesan family and family family gathered round.  The last time the Bishop of St Andrews served as Primus was in 1907.  It might be a while till it happens again – so the diocese decided it was time for a gathering in the Cathedral.  We took the opportunity to focus on our life in mission as a diocese and the Casting the Net initiative.  The Cathedral looked wonderful and it was full.  There was great music.  My old friend Bishop Trevor Williams from the Diocese of Limerick came to preach.  We gathered up our family and it was great to see them.

It’s not always easy today to just ‘bring people together in the Cathedral’.  It sounds easy but it isn’t.  So when events give you the chance of doing it, it’s a wonderful thing.

And throughout the weekend, we’ve been dealing with subterranean rumblings from the septic tank again – well actually most of them.  It’s the water table, you see.  It’s too high and the tanks fill up with ground water and their electrical stuff drowns.  Fortunately Morna, one of our newer cast members here at Bogstead, seems to have allowed the rest of us to appoint her as ‘Aerator in Chief’.   She hasn’t been driving the JCB yet but I can see it coming.

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