Climbing Back

Some people hit the ground running after the holidays. Not so for me – not for want of trying. I gradually climb back out of a sort of slough of despond .. maybe next week. But it’s been a fascinating week – all sorts of interesting people passed through ..  two trips to Edinburgh.   We ended with an interview with the editor of the Church of Ireland Gazette – well minded by Lorna our Communications Officer  … ‘Anything you would like to say to your friends in the Church of Ireland?’  Very settled, happy and completely absorbed in Scotland, thank you very much.

Next hurdle is getting the Netbook sorted out – so that I can travel even lighter. Tim the Geek will need to help me sort out Open VPN so that I can talk to the Office Server from all parts of the Anglican world.  I hardly dare to mention that VPN is Virtual Private Network.  Too close to home, I think

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