Trivial Round, etc

Hot air balloon over Blogstead this morning. Flock of sheep on the road this morning. Baby rabbits leaping in front of me in the lane tonight.

So how is it going? Well thank you for asking. It’s a bit ‘wall to wall’ Like all ministry, it’s trenches and sunlit uplands – perhaps more of the former than the latter. I think I’ve been a bit surprised by the shift in my workload – the need to try and read everything on Thinking Anglicans as well as doing all the things I usually do. But I’m well supported these days so I’ll get there. The big issue for us – as for all churches – is dealing with shrinking budgets. Easy to add things. Easier to keep things the same. Harder to shrink.

So I’m looking forward to a break in Donegal at the end of next week. Strangely it will all scrape by without me ..

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