It’s hard not to peep over the hedge sometimes to see what the neighbours are talking about.  Some are mooting  a sort of episcopal cull to match the diminishing numbers of clergy.

Which is interesting, of course because, if the CofE had as many bishops as we have per Piskie, as it were, they would have hundreds and hundreds of them.  And that in turn brings us back to that ever-pressing question, ‘So what do you do all day?’

I am still at heart the parish priest that I was for almost thirty years.  So I’m not a great fan of bishops as a class. I suspect that good parish priests will get on with it – others will flounder – and a bishop or fifty more or less won’t make a whole lot of difference.

And yet, as a paid up member of the Anglican Gamekeepers’ Association, I can see that we are no longer living in the relative simplicities of christendom.  No I know it wasn’t simple … but let that pass for a moment.  These are difficult times for the church and for clergy and people need more support than they did in the past.  I hope our clergy feel that in some kind of way I’m in the trenches with them – but you’ll have to ask them that yourself.

For what it’s worth, I’m more and more inclined to feel that there are only two things that matter much at present.  I’ll settle for leadership and holiness.  Any offers?

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