Balanced life?


Strange sort of day really.  Cast an eye upwards above the Blogstead kitchen window and you find the next generation of House Martins ready to fly – indeed they are already flying.

Elsewhere, Tiger tees off at Turnberry.  We managed a delightful cycle around Glen Isla – having carefully scrutinised the map for contour lines before setting out.

And I’m cruising the websites – trying to learn about what’s happening at TEC’s Convention at Anaheim.  It’s a bit like TUC Conferences of old – what is the relationship between Resolution D025 and Resolution B033 of 2006?  Behind that arcane question lies the need to understand whether they are simply ‘saying where we are as a church’ or saying something more serious about the Anglican Communion moratoria.  After two weeks of it, I should think they are all exhausted.

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