In the midst

I rather like the ‘straightforward handover’ style of transfer that we did on Saturday.  No big ‘do’ or anything like that.  Just pick up the diary and go .

So today was a meeting of Faith Group leaders with the First Minister and members of the Scottish Government.  You need to have a taste for that kind of meeting – but they were very generous with their time and genuine in their interest.  Tomorrow we have a meeting of our bishops with the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church.

Meanwhile I’m drowning in kind e mails, cards and Facebook messages.  I’ll get through them in time.  People have been asking how Poppy [the cat] views her new status.  I explained to her the elegant polity of the SEC which gives us a Primus and not an Archbishop.  She does elegant – so she grasped that.  She does Prima – maybe even Regina.  But she doesn’t get the ‘inter pares’ stuff.

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5 Responses to In the midst

  1. Let me get one in here, David. Many congratulations. Good luck, also sorting out the configurations of beds at primate’s meetings – perhaps a proper configuration will, in itself, sort out all the problems of the Anglican Communion at one fell swoop…

  2. kimberly says:

    Splendid cat. She will keep you right.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Feeling a little proud that ‘our’ bishop has been elected Primus. Congratulations David. Bit worried though that we will need to purchase red carpet for your next visit!

  4. Harry Monroe says:

    Just wondering…..will you now run a parallel blog called ?

  5. Simon Marsh says:

    Many congratulations! How splendid that one of your flock understands the need to get hold of a red carpet!! I had cause recently to establish that “The Most Reverend” in Italian is Il Reverendissimo. Quite a ring to it, that. Very best wishes 🙂

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