Exam Weather

It’s dark and wet this evening – so it doesn’t apply.  But I always associate the good weather of this time of year with incarceration in an exam hall.  Movement into adult life simply involved substituting General Synod for exams.

So we start two and a half days of it tomorrow.  Enjoy is a big word in these circumstances – but I always enjoy it more than I expect.  I’m serving as Convenor of the Mission and Ministry Board at present.  We’re going to invite people to talk about ‘The Mission of the Scottish Episcopal Church’ – more debate and less conference.  I am always fascinated by what people say in these moments – never quite what you expect.

The other side of our life at present is the economic challenge.  Churches are good at dreaming about new things to do – not so good at cutting back.  And we’re going to have to do quite a bit of that over the next year.

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