Extreme Blogging

I’ve always had an eye to the progress of the Extreme Ironing fad – first encountered on the coast road south of Capetown when a VW Beetle came towards us with somebody on the roof hard at work on the collar and cuffs.

I’ve just confided to my Facebook Profile that I am travelling backwards up the East Coast Main Line at 125 mph. At last I’ve managed to connect to National Express’s wifi – not the fastest but at least you don’t lose it in the wide open spaces. The new broadband dongles should make it possible to undertake some fairly extreme blogging – so there’s a challenge.

I can never decide whether it’s better to do as I have been doing – carry on with my email and other stuff as if I was at home. Or make a virtue of necessity and read a book I wouldn’t have ‘time’ to read if I wasn’t travelling.

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