Round the table

You must be tired listening to me suggesting that I have the best Sunday morning journeys of any bishop in the Anglican Communion.  But .. through Crieff and Comrie … along Loch Earn with snow on the mountains around Lochearnhead … up Glen Ogle .. down to Killin where the Falls of Dochart were at their spectacular best.

I find the soul of the SEC in places like this – fragile and warm little churches tucked away in beautiful places – keeping a flame of sacramental worship alive.  They probably remind me of childhood experiences of rural Church of Ireland churches in Co Cork.  My grandmother wearing her hat – but not her coat – singing loudly and playing the organ while some stout-hearted member of the congregation pumped.

Our Tin Tab at Killin may have all sorts of structural and other problems which you would rather not know about.  But it is warm and friendly and it shares its warmth with the Roman Catholics after we have headed off for lunch.  Which today was the entire congregation of 19 gathered around Angus and Jill’s hospitable table.  And then back up Glen Ogle in the snow.

Tough but somebody, etc., etc.

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