Sewing on the Name Tapes

We’re packing.  How many Bibles does one bring – or is the one on my Palm enough?  Slight feel of school about it all.  Will I be bullied in the playground?  Have I packed enough socks?  And the more the blogosphere works itself up, the less motivated I become about blogging or anything else.  I suppose I am just gathering myself for the greatest blogfest of all.

Meanwhile a quick trip to Dublin tomorrow for the consecration of my old friend, Trevor Williams, as Bishop of Limerick and everywhere else in the south west of Ireland.  It’s a good choice – Trevor is a former leader of the Corrymeela Community of Reconciliation.  So he’ll be at Lambeth and, if I remember right, his link diocese is New Hampshire.  The only problem now is the failure of the radar which controls landings at Dublin Airport ..

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