Yes the Church of Scotland General Assembly has me on my knees at this point – and there are still three days to go.  I gave the PM a miss on Saturday morning – little knowing that I could have sat up in bed and watched him on the website.  And then we did the Garden Party and then the Buffet Supper and this morning the service in St Giles Cathedral and tomorrow is still only Monday.  Of course, the rest of one’s life goes on unabated – letting Poppy in and out, the arrival of the sucker-outers and the digger-uppers for the septic tanks tomorrow and so on.  But St Giles was interesting – best Anglican chanting I’ve heard in quite a while followed by St Patrick’s Breastplate because of Trinity Sunday and I was glad I wasn’t preaching.

I still carry the kind advice of my doctrine tutor in Trinity College, Oxford, who looked at me with kindness and compassion and said [or words to this effect] ‘I think that, at your level, it would be wiser if you did not attempt to think about the doctrine of the Trinity for more than three minutes consecutively’  He didn’t say, ‘Stick to Harvest.’  But I suppose that’s what he meant.

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