Always enjoy a good headline.  There’s a famous example – maybe skewered by Myles of the Irish Times – lazy headlines beginning ‘Bid’.  Give thanks for that patriotic Irishwoman – ‘Bid to resolve decommissioning impasse – Bid to end world hunger, etc.’  Then there was the famous [and distasteful] ‘Gotcha!’ from the Sun as the Belgrano went down and took 1000 Argentinian conscripts with it.  And the cheery ‘What a burqua’ from the Mirror as the BBC’s John Simpson got a bit overheated about his personal role in the liberation of Kabul.

The Portadown Times joined that illustrious band this week – marking the sad closure of the former Metal Box factory – the place where Flora Margerine containers were made – and the consequent loss of jobs.

‘Blow as 95 jobs are lost’

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