Change and ..

Always interesting to live through a moment of real change – and I think this is one of them.  Usually wrong when you make a statement like that – but …  The oil price may dip a bit from its peak – whenever that may come.  But the fundamental problem is that demand is increasing and there is no more supply to be had.  So that means changes of behaviour for all of us.  Blogstead is of course a rural idyll – but we have all the car-dependency problems of people who live in the countryside.  I am starting to read the bus timetables.  I am beginning to obsess about slow broadband which limits our ability to use e-conferencing.  Soon everybody will have a Brompton Folding Bicycle and I shall have to find another way of asserting my individuality.

The other really interesting thing of course is how fragile our society appears in a moment like this.  Of course the haulage industry is in trouble – but so is everybody else.   Oil is a world market and there is next to nothing that an individual government can do about the price – other than with vastly expensive and un-green subsidies.  But suddenly the potential for chaos looms ..  Fragile indeed.

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