Those who work with me will rise as one to say that, even under the most severe provocation, I never allow myself to become ruffled, upset, annoyed.  Certainly never to suggest to somebody who is being ‘Gordon Ramsay’ impossible that the Kingdom might be ushered in a little faster if they would just do as I say …

That’s why it is so refreshing – and, I have to say, a bit startling – to find judges just telling it as it is.  Or at least as it seems to them.  That’s what made the Macca-Mills judgement so interesting and agonising.  It happened again today at the Princess Diana inquest when the Coroner, Lord Justice Scott Baker, told the jury that the evidence her butler, Paul Burrell, gave was clearly “not the whole truth”.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be paid to be so ….. judgemental?

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