Some numbers

The preoccupation with numbers which has seized the media in the aftermath of Nick Clegg’s interview …. leads me to mention some other numbers which I stumbled across while cruising through Steven Croft’s ‘Ministry in Three Dimensions.’

Evangelical Alliance surveyed 3000 [evangelical] clergy in 1990 and got the following results.

7 out of 10 feel overworked

3 in 10 feel their families suffer because of their work

Only 2 in 10 have received training in management or leading teams

Out of a typical 60 hour week, an average of 22 hours is spent in administration

38 minutes per week are spent in personal prayer.

The last one is obviously the most shocking – the first thing to get squeezed by everything else.  And the cost of that is paid in all sorts of ways – for example I suspect that people are less likely to acquire the breadth or depth to move beyond ‘party’ or stereotypical responses to things.

Other ones?  I am not sure what ‘administration’ is in these terms.  I certainly spend more than a third of my working life sitting at a desk – and would defend it on the basis that good administration and communication is one of the foundations of ministry which is for sharing.  Overworked?  I certainly work too many hours – but ‘feeling overworked’ is occasional rather than common.  Too many hours means life out of balance and not enough time for family and being.

Training?  ’nuff said.  Time for bed.

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