Don’t panic!

Average sort of day today!  Train to Edinburgh for the College of Bishops where we addressed an agenda which probably required two or three days.  Train back to Leuchars for the Institution of David Wilson at St Andrews, St Andrews – a great day for the congregation.  All sorts of excitements lie in wait.

Just like old times in Northern Ireland, one listens to the news to find out .. in this case about the impending strike at Grangemouth oil refinery and the threat that supplies of fuel will be affected for a month.  I find myself pretty cynical about it all.  Can’t see that the strike will achieve much – other than the loss of public sympathy.  Management sound as if they are hyping the effects of it to put pressure on the workers.  And what is the point of government saying, ‘Don’t panic buy’?  If you live in a rural area, you have to move around and the car is all you have.  So now we are in the situation where there is little fuel in the filling stations because it is all in the tanks of cars.

Father Carli may have attended one clergy meeting too many.  But getting out of it by strapping himself to 1000 helium  balloons may have been taking it too far – and cost him his life.

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