Time to go Home

Andy Pandy time again – and about time too.  Diocesan Synod is next Saturday and I’m beginning to get that dangerous clarity of vision which comes from not dealing with the difficult stuff day in, day out.

Some of the pithy sayings of Australia will have limited application in March in Perthshire.  ‘Slip, slop, slap’ seems to be something about putting on sunblock and covering up.  ‘Sip ‘n cycle’ describes the Melbourne desire to emulate European lifestyles – where – so they think – everyone cycles to work and pauses for a quick Espresso en route. 

As always, the way people say things is just delightful.  I still savour the announcement from the wonderful chef-and-everything-else Jacquie in the midst of a series of crises on our sailing trip that ‘her risotto was not adequately prepped’ [it sounded like ‘pripped’]

See you soon

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