A visit to the Park

No I couldn’t resist putting this in – our visit to President Mary McAleese’s St Patrick’s Day Reception.  This was the day she quoted Ulster poet, John Hewitt, ‘We build to fill the centuries’ arrears.’  On her left, her husband, Martin.  The person on my left – whom my hero, violinist Nigel Kennedy, would probably call the ‘geezer in the gaiters’ – is Very Rev Robert McCarthy, Dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin – successor to Dean Swift.

Speaking of Nigel … I’m gradually realising that one of the games one plays on the side in this blogging business is that of attempting to get links back to one’s blog established in ever more exotic places.  So I’m quite please to have my link on Nig’s [un] official Fan Club Website  You’ll find it on the Links page as David from Perth – well – nearly there!

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