So what do you do all day – No 125

I suppose it’s worth mentioning that, having moved on from the Clergy Conference, I managed a twelve hour day in the Diocesan Office.  Definitely time for the ‘get a life’ department.  If you want to know: Standing Committee followed by Management Group for the Review of Journey of the Baptised followed by a contribution to the Ministries Reflection Course.  I felt the Kingdom of God just rushing towards me all day.

Today I went to Edinburgh for a meeting – I managed some e mails and other stuff from the train on my laptop.  The Blackberry stopped receiving them for a while but I surmounted that.

Best bit today was the Institution at Forfar.  End of a long story.  There wasn’t enough money to make an appointment but the Vestry gathered round and exercised some real leadership.  The income rose by 125% and the rest is history.  Welcome to Andy McCafferty and Norma.  We hope you’ll be happy among us.

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