Home again, again

Enough of this.  I’m glad to be back at Blogstead – where a residue of the snow remains – after a quick visit to Lymington to conduct Siobhan and Pete’s wedding.  We set out for Prestwick in Friday morning’s heavy snow – with snow scoop, wellies, water, bikkies.  All we lacked was the liturgically coloured harness to connect to the helicopter.  None of it needed.  I was also carrying a small pharmaceutical store – none of it made the slightest difference.  I continued to splutter, cough, bark and grumble.  Great wedding tho’.  And good to see the C of E responding openly, warmly and competently to a young couple who wanted to get married in church.  Every bit as effective in its own way as many Alpha Courses.

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4 Responses to Home again, again

  1. From across the pond:

    I know what “wellies” are, but what does “bikkies” mean in Scotland?

    I tried “define:bikkies” in Google, but only got the street slang meaning a.nd I don’t think that’s the meaning you meant, even though you do mention legal pharmaceuticals later. (Hope you are feeling better, by the way.)

  2. david says:

    Don’t you know about Jim Figgerty and the fig rolls – and the great Irish pre-occupation with the question of how de figs get into de fig rolls?

  3. david says:

    Sorry about that.

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