My Facebook homepage records that ‘I think I have had enough for today’.  Our twice-yearly meeting with the Catholic Bishops was followed .. by a nice lunch .. and then by a lengthy meeting of the College of Bishops.  On the train home, I finished ‘Mole under the Fence’ – conversations with Roland Walls, a wonderful mystic of a man who served as Priest in Charge of the famous Rosslyn Chapel .. became a Catholic .. established a religious community.  I don’t think he would have found our meeting today particularly exciting.  He said, ‘I’m not one of those who despise formal ecumenism.  It’s all been part of a very necessary process in the simplification of faith’  Would that it were so!

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2 Responses to One?

  1. Andrew says:

    Out of interest, do you perchance meet with the Kirk? If so, who, and do you get nice lunches there too?

  2. david says:

    Well – Yes and No. I met the Moderator at the Sectarianism Conference in Glasgow last week – she’s always a delight to meet. I’ve had some other more local encounters and I’m speaking at the PACT Carols in the Concert Hall just before Christmas. But otherwise No

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